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September 21 2018

Which Stone is Best for You?

Which Stone is Best for You?

The ultimate buying guide to choosing the stone that’s perfect for you. 

Every single one of our stones offers you something powerful and unique.  It’s impossible to make the wrong decision. But, the best stone is one that means something extra special to you. One that fits your personality nicely or one that takes it to even greater heights.

To help you choose, we’ve put together this buying guide. It’s broken down into the five core parts of everyday life: Health, Luck, Love, Work and Money. So, no matter what you’re hoping to achieve in life, you can find a stone to help you get there.

Let’s get started.


The stones that will bring you good health

To shield yourself against the world’s nasties and keep yourself fighting fit you need a strong immune system, a solid winter coat and a stone that looks after your back as well as looking great on your wrist.

Our health stones prioritise your physical wellbeing and help to heal your pains and ailments.


Larvikite – The ultimate cure to negativity, Larvikite brings you good health by removing every bad thought in your life. You’ll no longer worry about work stress, dwell on money worries or overthink relationship angst because Larvikite removes toxins from your body as well as negativity. Protect yourself against harmful energies just like Vikings used Larvikite to protect their beaches from invasion.

Red Tiger Eye – Born in Africa, but with its future dedicated to keeping you well-balanced, Red Tiger Eye is a powerful protection stone. Previously used as a symbol of health and mediation in ancient cultures, Red Tiger will help you travel safely, protecting you from getting sick, shielding you from risk. Yet still encouraging you to adventure like life is one big bucket list.

Hematite – Composed of iron core, the Hematite stone’s magnetic properties are believed to ease blood pressure disorders and aid kidney problems. Alongside the substantive benefits to the body, Hematite helps the mind too. Ensuring you focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.


The stones that will shower you in luck

Some people you meet have it in spades. It falls on their lap; so often, that the phrase beginner’s luck is no longer appropriate. Others choose to wear a charm to get theirs. A symbol of luck such as a rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe. We prefer a piece of Harmenstone jewellery featuring one of our fortune stones.

Make your own luck with one of our luck stones.

Original Tiger Eye – No matter how talented you are, it’s always nice to have a streak of luck running inside you; guiding your instinct and urging you forward. The Original Tiger Eye can help. It’s a stone that gives you confidence and optimism, because sometimes you make your own luck with a positive attitude and a smile on your face. Traditionally, Original Tiger Eye was linked to the magical tiger and gave ancient Egyptians courage. With the Original Tiger Eye and its history as a symbol of divine fate and destiny, you might just be in luck.

Dragon Blood Jasper – One of the reasons we love to support underdogs is because we believe the world should be fair and just. Unfortunately, life has a funny knack of being kinder to a chosen few. To upset the balance, to put the odds back in your favour we recommend wearing Dragon Blood Jasper, the Australian stone that gives you direction, cunning and determination. Local legend has it that the stones are the remnants of ancient dragons and accordingly harness properties from the magical beasts, including the ability

to guide you towards new opportunities.


The stones to give your love life a boost

Having someone to share life’s most precious moments is the quintessential meaning of love. Far from being the always-on romance portrayed in movies, true love is the enjoyment you get from sharing life’s little moments with the life of your life; the other half of your team.

Our love stones are suitable whether you’re in love, out of love, single or married.

Rose Quartz – There can be no doubt that a pink rose quartz is the quintessential showing of love for both men and women. It’s light pastel pink colour is on-trend, and its ability to help improve your love life will be in fashion forever. In the Middle Ages, Rose Quartz was used as an intoxicating love charm often finding itself in love potions. From Madagascar, the Rose Quartz will help you attract the objects that your heart desires and increase the likelihood that you are loved in return.

Howlite – The best advice our parents ever gave us was to keep our mind clear and our heart pure. When your mind’s clear you’re more likely to see love coming; to give it a chance. And when your heart’s pure, others will be drawn to you, like a soulmate is to its counterpart. Howlite inherits its name from its founder, Henry How, a native Nova Scotian that came to rely on Howlite as a calming and relationship stone. Now we import our Howlite stone from South Africa, a land once divided but now bound by love and caring.

Lava – All relationships, whether strong or weak, or old or new, have times of challenge. The enduring ones survive, based on a calm-intensity that teaches patience and passion. As a calming stone, Lava is perfect for helping you manage your relationships. You’ll see both sides of every argument, take the first step to reconcile them and always focus on the future. A love filled one at that. As the oldest and most frequently found stone in the world, the Lava stone, draws raw energy from the earth, giving the wearer tremendous emotional energy.

The stones to get you ahead in the workplace

Ever since we watched our Mum and Dad leave us for work each day we’ve wondered what this work thing is all about. With special clothes, no school, a fancy computer and a paycheck at the end, it seemed fun. Then reality dawned on us. There were bullying bosses, chatty colleagues and overtime for days.

Work is, truly, hard work. Unless of course, you find something that you’re so passionate about doing that it’s no longer work, it’s just you. It’s just your passion.

That’s what we’re doing, and we encourage you to do the same with a career that will take your work to new heights and look great in the office too.

Silver Lace Agate – When your stumbling from meeting to meeting with no break in sight, it can be easy to think about giving it all away to chase your dreams. And while we’re usually down for an adventure, we reckon there’s another way. That is, finding a stone that will improve your concentration, your stamina and your ability to stay in the grind. This is your stone. Silver Lace Agate is said to help you feel inspired and was conventionally worn by village chiefs as a communications stone. If you have ambitions to be a chief in your organisation too, then the Silver Lace Agate is the stone for you. The Silver Lace Agate helps you stay focused for when you get out of that meeting or lecture and need to put that mind to work, work, work, work, work (in the words of Rihanna). 

Blue Tiger Eye – To see the big picture is one of the most endearing traits in the workplace. While others get stuck in the day-to-day and the small problems, dreamers and strategists like you can step away from the hustle and plan the next generation products and ideas that change the world. Some people do and some people think. You’re the latter, just like the ancient Zulu warriors that wore the Blue Tiger Eye stone to gain an intellectual edge over their adversaries. But instead of using it in warfare, wear Blue Tiger Eye, the rare stone from South Africa, in the workplace to increase your imagination and creativity.

Onyx – Fake it until you make it is a motto that’s often used to encourage you in sports, in study, and socially. If you act a certain way, you portray yourself with an aura of confidence, you’ll convince others you belong. Instead of having to fake your confidence, you’ll harness it from the Onyx stone. Onyx is believed to help you achieve this by fostering harmonious relationships. In fact, in the past, it’s been used in India to gift the wearer the benefit of wise decisions. The name of the Onyx stone comes from the Greek word onyx, which means the nail of a hand or claw. We think it’s a stone best used to help you claw your way to the top.


The stones that could make you wealthy

You might not want to admit it, but money is a motivation for a lot of us. Regardless of whether it makes us happy, a little more of it certainly makes things easier. So, it’s no surprise that some of our most popular stones are the ones that bring good fortune and wealth. Compete with the rich-listers with the help of a powerful symbol of wealth on your wrist (that isn’t a fancy wristwatch)

Wear our wealth stones to aim for financial success and attract it too.

Lapis Lazuli – Coming from a land of minerals and resources, the Lapis Lazuli epitomises the riches of the land that it comes from. Giving you the courage to chase the riches that you deserve. Lapis Lazuli has been mined in Afghanistan continuously for more than 6,000 years and because it’s a rock and not a mineral, it has had some very practical uses in jewellery and sculpture, often adorning the walls of the rich and the famous. Now it’s time to take a leaf from their book, or a stone from their collection. Because if you look up to them, you can become financially free, just like them. This Afghan stone is perfect for you if you seek abundance, desire wealth and have the talent and drive to achieve it.

Golden Obsidian – The name of this stone gives away its benefits to the wearer. Golden fortune from a golden stone. The Mexican Obsidian stone is a grounding stone with the ability to turn your weaknesses into strengths and turn your misfortune into prosperity. Golden Obsidian has always been a very practical stone – often used in prehistoric times as weapons and tools – that’s why you can trust it in the same way. As your weapon to build a future. 



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