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The Fortune Coin Bracelet


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An auspicious heirloom-worthy bracelet, The Fortune Coin Bracelet combines our 925 silver coin with symmetric metal links and secured by a piece of Jade... Read full description

An auspicious heirloom-worthy bracelet, The Fortune Coin Bracelet combines our 925 silver coin with symmetric metal links and secured by a piece of Jade embedded in the catch.

The words “招財進寶” etched within the silver coin literally means “to invite wealth and let treasures enter”.  The Fortune Coin Bracelet symbolizes wealth and prosperity and the Jade is believed to bring in fortune for the wearer.

The Fortune Coin Bracelet, like every piece of Harmenstone, is carefully handcrafted and meticulously created for you.

All products in this collection are blessed by holy monks from Wat Dibayavari Vihara to invoke optimal prosperity and fortune.



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Do you like what you see in our bracelet but wish you could change some parts of it? No problem! We are able to customize any combination of stones and charms to your liking. Simply contact our specialist team here.

Our natural gemstones are sourced only from their best origins from around the world. They are then lab-certified for their authenticity.

All our charms are made from the best imported 92.5 sterling silver.

All our bracelets are handcrafted using the best imported cords. That is why we are confident to offer a lifetime warranty on our cords. Any time your bracelet is stretched or loose just send it back to us and we will replace it.

 If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply send it back to us within 30 days for a full refund.

We know the excitement you will get when you purchase anything online. To spare you the suspense all our orders are delivered using DHL Express. You should receive your purchase within 5 working days no matter where you are. Absolutely free.


Color variation of the stones is expected as no two pieces of stones are alike. Every authentic piece of stone is a distinctive piece of art crafted by Mother Nature over centuries using heat, pressure and a lot of minerals and organic matters. The way these minerals settle into the stone is what gives it the diversity of colors.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Chambers
The Fortune Coin Bracelet

I got the Fortune Coin bracelet and it is always a conversation starter. People always asks me where I got them from and how chic it looks. The jade piece at the lock is also very nice and dainty. Also, the luck factor works wonders for my confidence and I believe it will soon manifest into some monetary value.

Jackson B
The Fortune Coin Bracelet

Me and my wife were intent on purchasing some jewelry during our trip to Thailand. We came across Harmenstone in Siam Center and were blown away by how beautiful their stones were.
My wife got their fortune coin bracelet and I customized a stone bracelet for myself. For me my stone bracelet is my everyday accessory and just that.
But my wife insists that ever since she bought her bracelet her luck has been increasing. She recently got a promotion after only 1 year with her company. She struck the lottery haha. Not a lot but a first for her. Oh well. It’s up to you to believe I guess.
But quality wise their bracelets are really gorgeous. Go down and take a look when you can and you won’t be disappointed.

Chow Yue Xiang
The Fortune Coin Bracelet

Reputable ---YES
Good Quality --- YES
Good Selection --- YES
Can you get a great deal? ---bracelets priced according to value--they know what it’s worth. You can get a fair deal.
No pressure to buy. Staff are friendly and very service-oriented.
The biggest advantage here is customizing and you will find excellent workmanship here, warranties on their products etc. etc.
Bought the Fortune coin bracelet. Love it and after wearing it life seems to run more smoothly. Call it what you want but I recommend you to wear this bracelet if you need luck and wealth in your life.

Kenny Li
The Fortune Coin Bracelet

Harmenstone was recommended by a pilot friend of mine who had customized some bracelets for his family. The staff were very nice, recommended what I needed (they even advised me NOT to get extra charms, saying they will look clustered), and I am very pleased with the end product. Got the FORTUNE COIN BRACELET from them too and everybody praised how stunning it is. It makes me feel lucky and so far, I have not encountered any bad things after wearing it. I would deinitely go back to Harmenstone.

Eunice Wee
The Fortune Coin Bracelet

Got the fortune coin bracelet and it is really exquisite! The words inscribed inside the coin is a blessing of fortune and riches. The whole bracelet is made of silver so it is suitable for my skin. My friends love it and already one of them is going to buy it too. Well worth the money!


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Experience style and harness the potent properties of nature with our line of exotic gemstone jewelry. Each piece is uniquely crafted from the finest gemstones and can be customized to be in full harmony with your energy and lifestyle.

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