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an adventure starts with a mindset

Amplify your best qualities,
discover a new adventure.

  • an adventure starts with a mindset

    Amplify your best qualities,
    discover a new adventure.

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Known also as the ‘Starless Stone’, the black Onyx stone sharpens your wits, while fine-tuning your sixth sense. Your perception intensifies and you are able to see clearer what lies ahead of you.  Read More

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As one of the oldest stones in the world, the Lava stone comes from the core of Mother Earth. Like its environment, the Lava stone’s vibrant nature supplies endless energy to you and deliver understanding and guidance in troubled times.  Read More

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The Howlite stone alleviates anxiety, anger and stress. Anyone with a troubled mind can use it to achieve better sleep.  Read More

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The Hematite stone is sometimes referred to as the ‘Mars Stone’, as large quantities of it can be found on the planet Mars.  Read More

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Well-known as the ‘Survival Stone’, this stone can offer you energies that enhances your ability and will to survive. Shielding you against all elements, it fortifies your defenses against any harm directed at you.  Read More

See Red Tiger Eye

Resembling the eye of a tiger, the Original Tiger Eye stone helps entrepreneurs accomplish their goals as their motivation and thinking outside the box will be greatly enhanced. Read More


It is no surprise that this stone is also known as the ‘Venus Stone’. It creates a harmonious, loving environment and surrounds you in a blanket of love, anyplace you may be.  Read More

See Carmine Quartz

Called the ‘Stone of Truth’, the Sodalite stone helps you understand the truth about yourself, about your life, determine where you are and where you need to be on your life’s path. Read More

See Sodalite

The Aurora Quartz stone is also called the ‘Angel Aura Quartz‘ stone. It helps you see the beauty in mundane things and converts your pessimism into optimism. Read More

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The Larvikite stone’s name originates from the word ‘Larvik’, as this stone can only be found in the Larvik Fjord region of Norway. This stone will teach you to be patient and not rush to end a task that is near completion, so as not to make any mistakes. Read More

See Larvikite

The Hawk’s Eye stone is known as the ‘Calming Stone’ and also as ‘Blue Tiger Eye’ stone. It soothes you during times of distress, while bestowing strength and wisdom to you.  Read More

See Hawk's Eye

Known by some as the ‘Gold Sheen Stone’, the Golden Obsidian stone drives back people who try to force their influence over you. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by life, it aids to reign in your energies and stabilize your mind.  Read More

See Golden Obsidian

As it can only be found in Mexico, the Silver Lace Agate stone is also known as the ‘Mexican Agate’. It is a powerful vigor booster, stamina builder and promotes mental ability and liveliness.  Read More

See Silver Lace Agate

When you wear the Amazonite stone, you will attract riches and good luck. This is why it is also known as the ‘Stone of Success’. It aids in all you do and helps achieve success. Read More

See Amazonite

The Dragon Blood Jasper stone is a stone of individual power. It is known as the ‘Dragon Stone’ and brings out the inner dragon in you. It provides great strength and courage, helping you overcome any difficulties in life.  Read More

See Dragon Blood Jasper

The Labradorite stone is well known for the power to infuse you with desire and passion for whatever projects you have started. It lets you stay excited all the way and removes any negative thoughts you might have for any particular assignment. Read More

See Labradorite

The Lavender Amethyst stone is a guardian stone that lifts you up when you want to give up and fills you with fighting spirit so that you will not surrender. Its dynamics will both calm and energize you at the same time. Read More

See Lavender Amethyst

Known as the ‘Gem of Ecology’, the Blue Lace Agate stone represents a clear and peaceful sky. The clear skies symbolizes an empty canvas, letting you ‘paint’ any kind of new beginnings you want.  Read More

See Blue Lace Agate

The Lapis Lazuli stone is sometimes called the ‘Blue Celestial Stone’. It is a perfect stone to have if you are serious about increasing your wealth or enjoying business success. It will bring you riches and properties beyond your wildest imagination.  Read More

See Lapis Lazuli

The Eagle Eye stone is a powerful tool for providing the desire to progress despite any obstacles. Come what may, you will feel unstoppable and invincible, overcoming any hindrances in your way wearing it.  Read More

See Eagle Eye

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