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Our matte black onyx stone bracelet is the signature piece of our Classic Collection. It’s the perfect embodiment of our philosophy to bring you a subtle confidence in everything you do. Read More

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Faced with a decision between success and failure, the Visionary doesn’t consider the latter.  Read More

See Lava

To us Spirit isn’t an attitude it’s a natural disposition. An approach to life that is on the light-hearted and cheerful end of the spectrum.  Read More

See Howlite

Golden Obsidian is a grounding stone that believed to deflect negativity, allowing you to focus on the strength of your spirituality and will.   Read More

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Everyone can travel but only some of us can journey. The difference? Journeys are abundant with the unknown and with unplanned experiences.  Read More

See Hematite

Safety and adventure don’t always go hand in hand. But in our travels, we’ve found that risks are generally well worth the rewards. That some of the best experiences are derived from bold decisions. Read More

See Red Tiger Eye

The rarest of the tiger eye stones from Africa, reflects a gorgeous dark blue when it catches the light, returning a stunningly elegant look.  Read More

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One of the world’s most ancient stones. Tiger Eye is noted for its clairvoyant properties. A staple of historical Egyptian cultures, it has been embraced in modern cultures too, as a symbol of divine vision.  Read More


The Silver Lace Agate stone is a one-of-a-kind protection stone which will help both body and mind.  Read More

See Silver Lace Agate

Rose Quartz has been used as a love stone since 600 B.C., and it still carries a special place in our hearts.

The light rose coloured stone is suitable for both men and women; circulating an aura that transcends into your heart and your relationships.  Read More


Made with the rare Lapis Lazuli stone from Afghanistan, this bracelet will bring you luck and prosperity.

Combining shades of deep blue with gold pyrite, this royal stone will elevate everyone of your outfits.  Read More

See Lapis Lazuli

The Dragon Blood Jasper stone gets its properties from the ferocious beast its named after. You’ll gain courage, determination and cunning when you slap this beast on your wrist.

Mixing forest greens and blood red streaks, this stone looks just as impressive as the qualities it possesses. Read More

See Dragon Blood Jasper

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